A wise man once cautioned me against starting a blog that I had no intention of maintaining. Much to my chagrin, I have not heeded his words of warning as carefully as I should have. That wise man was Anthony Casalena, also known as Squarespace's CEO, also known as my boss. Sorry on many levels, AC.

But after perusing credit card statements to determine where I've been in the last month, I've managed to redeem myself, and will be giving my food criticism the attention it deserves. 

As Restaurant Week drew to a close, Sarah and I visited Rockefeller Center's Sea Grill to enjoy a view of struggling ice skaters and my favorite dessert — key lime pie. But the pie wasn't the only part of the meal to look forward to.

We were strategic in our ordering, making sure to take advantage of our sharing abilities and tackle as much of the menu as possible. I began with a somewhat over-salted but tender Montauk Calamari a la Plancha — the calamari itself was well-seasoned, but it was the patatas bravas that were rather unceremoniously doused with sodium.

I then moved on to a particularly delicious Maine Monkfish ‘Osso Buco,’ convincing me that pescetarianism was the single best decision I've ever made. I've always thought of swordfish as the closest substitute for meat, but after the, dare I say, succulence of this dish, I stand corrected. With its rich glaze and straightforward, yet refined flavor, the monkfish hid behind nothing, and played the leading role of the dish in a most commendable way.

The pairing of the polenta and mushrooms only added to the earthiness of the dish, again being more reminiscent of a land protein than one from the sea. Delicious all the same.

Ah key lime pie. There is simply nothing better. Sarah considered the panna cotta, but I corrected her. A particular standout of the dish came in the Angostura bitters glaze — the caramel, not overly sweet, played well with the tartness of the pie itself. Against the creaminess of the whipped cream topping (not usually fan, but I made an exception for The Sea Grill), I left the restaurant in a particularly good mood. Which may explain why I promptly went shopping.